These images are offered for Facebook users who appreciate my photography and would enjoy using them as Timeline images on their personal page. These images are copyrighted and no rights other than a Facebook Timeline post is allowed. Each one will have a copyright displayed prominently, but tastefully, and must be displayed without removal of the copyright data or image! Failure to do this simple act will be punished as copyright infringement and may involve litigation depending upon the situation.

Yellow Tailed WarblerYellow Tailed WarblerYellow Tailed Warbler

Honey Bees in SwarmHoney Bees in SwarmHoney Bees in Swarm

Mule DeerMule DeerMule Deer

Bison at SunsetBison at SunsetBison at Sunset

Purple FinchPurple FinchPurple Finch

Wood DuckWood DuckWood Duck

Cades CoveCades CoveCades Cove on a springtime afternoon!

Christmas CactusChristmas CactusChristmas Cactus

Purple BeautyPurple BeautyPretty purple flowers that I cannot name!

Lake JacksonLake JacksonLake Jackson in Wyoming