Wilfred Medwynter(non-registered)
Nice pictures ! Thanks for sharing
R J Staples(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs. I'm a regular visitor to the Grayson Library where I had the opportunity to view your photographs on canvas. Each photograph is stunning.
R.W. Hensiek(non-registered)
Saw your photos on View Bug and decided to vist your site. I'm from Colo. but I'm living my retired life in Missouri, The center of the US.. I travel in a new direction each year for no other reason other than to see what I can see. I enjoy looking at your photos
Bruce Maxwell(non-registered)
Nice looking site. Great stuff here!
Katie LaSalle-Lowery(non-registered)
It's been a pleasure working with you, Robert. I think your new site looks GREAT!
Teresa/Flight Attendant(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! You are an incredible photographer.
Dianne Lee(non-registered)
Bob, your photos are just incredibly beautiful! Thanks for including me to receive them.
IWayne Walther(non-registered)
I like these. However, I like most all of your work. It is about time for you to come visit.
Bob Libby(non-registered)
I really enjoyed looking at your wonderful photos!
Donna Read from Nikon Enthusiasts on FaceBook(non-registered)
Your work is amazing! I'm so glad you share it with us on FaceBook! Thank you.
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